Damp Proofing & Timber Preservation

Common indications that your property needs Damp Proofing are mould and dampness that could be affecting your decoration. Investing in damp proofing will protect your property from future damage and keep your property clean and tidy, leaving you mould free.

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What To Know About Damp Proofing

Buildings these days are built with damp proofing barriers already in place to prevent moisture from getting into the building. Many older properties only have the use of stone, which is not always reliable. Therefore, it is wise to add some form of Damp Proof Course.

Why You Might Need Damp Proofing

Rising Damp occurs when water is drawn up through the bricks and mortar and is a very common cause of dampness in properties. Rising damp can also cause mould because of the various salts and chlorides found in it that attract even more moisture from the air.

If you think that you have a damp problem then damp proofing may be needed. It is advisable to get in contact with a professional to come and view the problem so that a correct diagnosis can be made on the cause. This will allow you to have the correct and most cost effective method to be carried out.

If your property has a problem with dampness, then it may require immediate attention, so do not delay and get in contact today so we can find out where the problem is coming from. Our experienced operatives will asses the situation and banish the issue before it gets out of hand.

You may also require damp proofing for extensions or basement and loft conversions.

Timber Preservations

The biggest problem regarding dampness and timber is fungal decay. More commonly known as Dry Rot and Wet Rot. This attacks all forms of timber, historic and modern. Lack of ventilation and dampness combined cause ideal conditions for this form of fungus to attack the timber.

If you have signs of timber decay it is essential that you call someone out to look over the problem.

A professional can locate and eliminate the underlying source of moisture, which will be aiding the fungal decay. Leaving these problems too long can have costly outcomes. If you require a surveyor to come to your property and check your roofing and building structure for any signs of Wet or Dry rot please get in contact with our South East London based office immediately.

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