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  • Natural Lighting for My Home

    When you're looking to purchase or update a home, it may find yourself drawn to the idea of installing large windows that allow for plenty of natural sunlight. There are some pretty major benefits to doing this including increasing ones mood elevation, a general sense of overall well-being, and less electricity being consumed during any daylight hours that the home is occupied. When increasing the amount of natural light into your home be sure to utilize windows and reflective surfaces in order to increase the effects of the natural light. This is can become a bit of a science for some so if you need help please contact us if you wish to speak to someone that can assist you in expertly lighting your living spaces. These techniques are commonly referred to as daylighting and because of their effectiveness, homeowners and builders alike have developed ways to maximize the natural light within a dwelling.

    There are common methods such as simply installing more windows or installing skylights. Strangely, these methods can actually harm the energy efficiency of a house since neither of these installations is very successful at keeping heat or cold from penetrating a home. What's the solution to this issue? Superior methods created to increase daylighting within your home are light tunnels. They're capable of increasing any natural light without transferring any outside temperatures to the interior.

    Benefits of Natural Daylighting

    It's long been proven that the natural light from the sun is beneficial for our overall well-being. You might notice this most during the summer months. Those around you tend to have an extra bounce in their step or you may notice a few extra smiles on people's faces now that the sun has finally peeked out from behind the clouds. Most people are aware of the impact sunlight has on their emotional well-being as well.

    Aside from the extra added emotional benefits, daylight has been proven to show a significant impact on productivity and human health. Our eyes and brains tend to function at optimal performance with natural light, whereas artificial light won't generally have near as profound an impact. It is not surprising observations like these show the benefits of natural light on health and how it can improve energy levels.

    Regardless of how sophisticated technology becomes, we as human beings are in need of natural sources of energy. The sun is one of our main sources of energy and we are in need of it daily in order to thrive at top performance levels. Fortunately for us, there are wonderful possibilities where technology and natural living can be merged to provide the best of both worlds. Sky lighting tubes, as mentioned earlier, are one such example. They bring the benefits of natural lighting into a home while preventing the outdoor weather from creeping in.

    Cost Effective Options

    Proper daylighting will require much more than just "substantial" natural light transmission into a building. It has to do so without any negative side effects what-so-ever! Natural lighting is a delicate balance of heat transmission, glare control and the light intensity throughout the day. When this type of lighting is performed by our professionals, it can become an extremely effective way to save money while inexpensively illuminating your home. It has exhibited many different ways in which it is a cost effective solution for your home. One indirect way is that it increases a person’s productivity. That alone will allow one to become more productive and although this may not make up for the cost directly, the decreased electrical usage and energy consumption will. When a building becomes dependent on electricity for its lighting throughout the day, the electricity itself becomes in need of cooling devices. These in turn are also energy guzzlers. Daylighting is also perhaps the best and most popular way to save money while going green.


    Feel free to Contact Us directly if you would like to discuss upgrading the lighting in your home. We know this can be an exciting step for you so will handle your needs and concerns with the same care that we would handle our own. Please contact us directly at 0208 854 1025 or via e-mail in the box at the bottom of the page.

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