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  • Roofers: On Top of the World

    The Tech Specs

    A roofer, also known as a roof mechanic, is a type of construction worker that specializes in roof construction. Roofers focus their efforts on the application of materials that waterproof and weatherproof homes and buildings. Roofers deal with the skeleton of the roof which consists of rafters, beams, and trusses. Roofers need to be able to work and have superior motor skills and possess advanced carpentry skills.

    Depending on which area your roofing needs are in, you may need to include in your list of supplies concrete tiles, clay tiles, natural or synthetic slate, single-ply, rubber shingles, glass, metal panels or shingles, wood shingles, liquid applied, hot asphalt or rubber, foam, thatch, solar tiles, and specialty roofs. Living roof systems, also called rooftop landscapes, have recently become increasingly common in recent years in residential properties.

    The United Kingdom does not currently have legislation in place that requires a roofer to have a license to trade, however some belong to recognized trade organizations.

    Specialist Roofers

    There are typically four different types of Roofers.

    • Shinglers primarily install shingles, shakes, tiles, and any other nail-on products on roofs.
    • Metal Roofers focus only on metal panels.
    • Single-Ply or Flat Roofers focus on roofs that are Single-ply or foam roofs, and
    • Hot Roofers work using Tar based products.

    It is not uncommon that you will find the different varieties of specialists roofers doing moving into other fields of their roofing trade. However, certain manufactures will only allow specifically selected installers, which make these types limiting.

    Global Development can help you decide which type of Roofer will be best for your project and can supply you with a top level professional to suit your needs.

    Feel free to Contact Us directly if you would like to discuss upgrading your home. We know this can be an exciting step for you so will handle your needs and concerns with the same care that we would handle our own.

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