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    Construction can be an extremely risky profession. There have been rising safety standards in the world of scaffolding in order to access outside building works. More than ever, scaffolding in is high demand due to the growing need for hand crafted exterior details on a building. It is a vital component that forms a portion of the construction project. In every scale of project, the single most essential structure is the scaffolding.

    Scaffolding tower hire in London is a must when it comes to working with elevated structures. It is also extremely important to remember to take safety precautions when planning to use this type structure if you decide not to allow a contractor to do this for you. Traditionally access tower is used to offer workmen access to highly inaccessible areas. Ladders can be used but they don't offer the same ease of access. With these structures they can work with their tools and will feel stable and confident when working.

    The construction industry in general is prone to accidents and mishaps due to mishandling of tools and structures. Scaffolding erectors in London build the structures out of steel and wood which allows workers to easily access strategic points on each building. A majority of contractors build mobile and fixed structures that are built to stand upright without additional support. These structures need to be tied to the construction site at multiple levels so that it maintains stability throughout. The mobile structures are completely freestanding and can be moved from one location to the next.

    Get in touch with a renowned company

    The use of an access tower is very popular in the world of construction. The costs associated with platform erectors in London vary according to use and industrial strength. This gives you plenty of options, however unless you know exactly which type of scaffolding to choose, your best bet is to contact a General Building Contractor who can sort out these factors for you. If you decide to go it alone on this one then you must be in touch with the best scaffolding company so you can get the right benefits. Make certain that the firm you choose has ready stock and cater to varied needs. They must be very reliable and professional and never opt for sub standard services. If your project involves erection of the walls with blocks or bricks, a renowned company can save you from losing time, money, and hassle with their knowledge on how to approach each individual issue.

    The Tech Specs

    Scaffolding is also sometimes referred to as staging. It is a temporary structure used to support and enable people to use construction materials to repair buildings and other structures. Scaffolding has been used for thousands of years. There are many different kinds of prefabricated, modular system of metal pipes and tubes, although it can also be custom made from alternative materials such as wood and bamboo.

    The purpose of today's working scaffold is to provide a safe place to work with safe access suitable for the types of work being carried out on them. The European Standard provides performance requirements for working scaffolds. The standard is used as a basis for enquiry and design.


    The most basic lightweight tube scaffolding that became the standard and completely revolutionized scaffolding was invented in the mid-1950s. With a single basic 24 pound unit a scaffold of various sizes and heights could be assembled quite easily by a couple of labourers without any nuts or bolts.

    The tubing is usually made either of steel or aluminium which uses filament wound tubes of glass fibre in a nylon or polyester matrix. Since there is a high cost to the composite tube, it is usually only used when there is a risk from overhead electric cables that cannot be isolated.

    The boards on the scaffolding provide a working surface for scaffold users. They use seasoned wood and come in three types of thicknesses and are a maximum of 3.9 m long. The board ends are protected by either metal plates or sometimes nail plates, which often have a company name stamped into them.

    The couplers are the fittings that hold each of the tubes together. The most common ones are called scaffold couplers. There are three basic types:

    • Right angle couplers,
    • Putlog couplers, and
    • Swivel couplers

    To join these tubes end-to-end joint pins or sleeve couplers are used. Only right angle couplers and swivel couplers can be used to fix any of the tubes in a 'load bearing connection'. Single couplers are not load bearing couplers and have absolutely no design capacity. Other scaffolding components include base plates, ladders, ropes, anchor ties, and reveal ties, gin wheels, and sheeting.

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