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  • Custom Bedroom Design

    Designing a bedroom can have a huge effect on how comfortable it will be. Developing your own environment that not only reflects your idea of the ideal bedroom can not only become a careful selection process, but also a careful organization process. This means that choosing the design carefully is an absolute must. There is an endless area of options when choosing a bedroom design and if you want the best one for working with a creative building team most likely be your strongest option. 

    One of the wonderful things about a custom design is that if you get it right, you won't need to clutter up a room with an abundance of furniture and accessories in order to give the room character. With a well thought out plan you can quite easily create a comfortable bedroom where you are able to relax, energize, and recuperate.

    The Tech Specs

    Furniture can vary greatly depending on the local tradition at any given time. For an example, a master bedroom could include a any different size of bed, such as a king or queen sized bed. The bedroom should normally include dressers or even a wardrobe armoire, a closet or two, and carpeting. In Europe and North America built in closets are slightly less common as freestanding wardrobes are much more popular.

    Bedrooms are a reflection of your personality. They can also reflect a person's social standing. Perhaps most importantly, bedrooms are completely unique to each and every individual. However, there are common threads that run through most bedrooms. Perhaps the most obvious one is a mattress which usually has a bed set to raise it off the ground and provide it with some type of decoration. Today, the innerspring mattresses are the most commonly purchased and bedrooms can often hold more than one of them. One of the more creative options for storing multiple beds is the bunk bed. There are a variety of different ways to deck out a room with this creative idea.  Night stands are also particularly popular. Televisions are also fairly common as well. Many bedrooms also will have a computer and a desk to do work. In the late 20th century and early 21st century bedrooms have become more social environments allowing people to comfortably spend more time in these areas.

    Modern Bedrooms

    Many houses contain at least two bedrooms; one usually being a master bedroom and others being for either children or guests. They'll also contain a closet, which is most commonly used for clothing and other smaller personal items. Walk in closets tend to be more popular today and come in various sizes. However, wardrobes are by far much more prominent. A wardrobe is an exterior type of closet that is often decorative in nature instead of appearing like a storage space behind curtains or doors. Sometimes, a master bedroom may also be connected to a dedicated bathroom, which is called an ensuite.

    For a tapestry of ideas, visit our Custom Bedroom Design section to put together your dream bedroom!

    Feel free to Contact Us directly if you would like to discuss upgrading the bedroom in your home. We know this can be an exciting step for you so will handle your needs and concerns with the same care that we would handle our own. Please contact us directly at 0208 854 1025 or via e-mail in the box at the bottom of the page.

  • Construction: Custom Kitchen Design

    As a buyers, the first few things that we're are likely to consider are kitchens and bathrooms. Being a homeowner sometimes means doing a little construction to add the comfort and security that your home needs to provide you. Creating a custom kitchen is an extension of who you are, especially since this is the number one area in the home for activity and entertainment. We've compiled a few things you may like to know about the leading kitchen and bath trends in order to get your creative juices flowing.

    Kitchen Trends

    Traditional kitchens will more than likely have a range, refrigerator, and a sink. Although these are the bare essentials, there are many ways to dress up the appearance of these few simple items. A cooking zone may contain multiple ovens as well as. You could also add a warming drawer and extra counter space to rest a hot pot or pie. The only other items you'll want to be sure to have included in your custom kitchen is a cleanup zone which could have one or two dishwashers set into a two level island, for example, along with the sink.

    The construction of a custom kitchen allows you to utilize not just another room, but a center for activity. They're no longer just about cooking and so creating and utilizing the maximum amount of space is something to take into consideration. The era of minimalists has come to an end and adding fireplaces, bookshelves, flat screen TVs, and extra seating for your friends and family to linger are but a few of the amenities that have become more and more popular in the minds and choices of home owners.

    By far one of our favorite options in custom kitchen design is hidden storage. It allows your space to look larger while maintaining it's capacity of a fully functioning hub. Fewer highly placed cabinets allow for more light to enter the room if you have an open kitchen and views always help spaces look much larger. Ample storage can also be built into the undersides of countertops.

    Global Development is completely committed to constructing your custom kitchen needs, whether it be the smallest "nut and bolt" additions or fully renovating your personal interior design space. Contact us directly at Telephone Number 0208 854 1025 or e-mail us at for more information. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have.

    The Tech Specs

    I know about kitchens, but tell me something I may not have heard yet...

    A kitchen is a room used for cooking and food preparation as most of us know, however in the Westernized modern society residential kitchens are typically equipped with at least one stove, a sink with hot and cold running water, a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Many households tend to have a microwave oven as well and a dishwasher and many other electric appliances. The main function of a kitchen is for cooking or preparing food but it may also be used for dining, food storage, dishwashing, entertaining, and laundry.

    Modern kitchens often have enough extra space to allow for family and friends to eat in it without having to use the actual dining room. These areas are called "breakfast areas" or "breakfast nooks" or "breakfast bars" if the space has been integrated into a kitchen counter. Kitchens that have enough space to eat in are also sometimes called "eat-in kitchens."

    Types of Kitchens

    • A single file kitchen, also known as a "one way galley," has all of the normal amenities along one single wall. Although this is not optimal it may be the only solution if you are working with limited space.
    • The double file kitchen, or "two way galley," will have two rows of cabinets at opposite walls. One will contain a stove and a sink and the other would most likely contain a refrigerator. This is the classical kitchen model.
    • In the L kitchen, the cabinets occupy two walls that face each other. Generally there is space left over for an additional table at a third wall.
    • A U-kitchen will have cabinets along three separate walls with the sink most likely being at the base of the "U." This is a typical work kitchen as well.
    • A G-kitchen has cabinets along three walls just like the U-kitchen but will often have a double basin sink at the corner of the G shape. It's defining quality is that it provides additional work and storage space.
    • The block kitchen, popularly known as an island, is a more recent development and is typically found in open kitchens. In an open kitchen it makes the stove much more accessible from all sides so that two people are able to cook together and it also allows for contact with guests and the rest of the family.

    Feel free to contact us directly if you would like to discuss upgrading the kitchen in your home. We know this can be an exciting step for you so will handle your needs and concerns with the same care that we would handle our own. Please contact us directly at 0208 854 1025 or via e-mail in the box below.

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